• Koo Jin Young
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AMnote would like to announce all customers who are using AMnote sofware ver 21.2.4

Contents update this version as follow:

  • Menu A-A “Import”: Import file excel export vouchers add column values
  • Menu B-A “Company management”: Add the Working History feature of the user
  • Menu B-D “Customer management” Search for company information based on tax codes
  • Menu B-H “Initial carryover by account” Add opening balance for an account that requires a customer name with an Excel file
  • Menu C-N “Sales detail ledger” Add 2 columns in English + Korean names
  • Menu C-O “Purchase detail ledger” Export excel select export as detailed or aggregated
  • Menu E-B “VAT statement” Add a foreign currency column
  • Menu E-A “VAT declaration”: Export XML file for VAT declaration support
  • Menu L-B “Issue invoices”: Display unused invoice number information
  • Menu L-B “Issue invoices”: Import excel export invoice into the software
  • Menu L-D “Total status of issued invoices”: Support export xml file of situation report using BC26 invoice
  • Menu L-D “Total status of issued invoices”: Export invoice list with more details for each invoice
  • Canceling an invoice is replaced when canceling an alternate invoice
  • Add foreign currency to Swiss Franc – CHF
  • Shinhan Firm Banking: Allows user to set up 2 different token
  • Confirmation of electronic invoice processing, attached to the record

Update time: At 5:00 pm, July 08, 2020
AMnote sincerely thank!