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Chart of program description

Service configuration

Management of tax

Management of inputing book and ledger

Management of Invoice

Management of fixed asset

Management of inventory

Online Payment through Shinhan Bank

Management of foreign currency

Management of financial statement


Using program is very easy and convenient


Smart and safe program


The best program for many kinds of company in oversea markets

Multi languages support

English, Vietnamese and Korean

Low cost

Low ASP price and term

Real time

Synchronize, sharing group data

Stabilize data

Security device 3 times better

Description Software

Basic data management

  • Company management
  • User management
  • Object name of cost
  • Customer management
  • Bank management
  • Registering code of management
  • Registration of account type and description
  • Account-specific carry forward
  • Account brought forward after closing
  • Warehouse management
  • Warehouse category management
  • Product registration
  • Management of product code
  • Management of unit code
  • Management of standard code

Journal entry & ledger management

  • Voucher
  • Cash book
  • Bank book
  • Trial balance of totals
  • Journal
  • Statement of management code
  • Account ledger
  • Account ledger (detail)
  • Customer ledger
  • Customer leader (Detail)
  • Daily/monthly balance sheet
  • Detail report of profit/lost base on object name
  • General report of profit/lost on object name
  • Sale diary details
  • Purchase diary detail

Inventory management

  • Opening item
  • Product amount rate
  • Inventory ledger(Product)
  • Stock card
  • Inventory ledger(Department)
  • Inventory adjustment
  • Inventory ledger(Account)
  • Inventory ledger(Store)
  • Quantity of inventories
  • Inventory ledger (Detail)
  • Product amount report
  • Calculating the price of outward stock
  • Calculating the price of product
  • Inventory change store

VAT management

  • VAT declaration
  • VAT statement
  • VAT allocation table
  • Invoice Release
  • Lost Invoice /  Cancel Invoice
  • Report of using Invoice

Management of income & finacial statement

  • Loan comparing balance
  • Profit and loss statement
  • Periodic income statement
  • Tatement of cash flows
  • List of production costs by account code
  • List of production costs by management code
  • Print Financial Statements


  • Invoice release
  • Invoice management
  • Lost invoice
  • List of invoice
  • Report of using invoice

Foreign currency managemen

  • Term starting Target
  • Foreign currency detail book
  • Variance Rate
  • Foreign currency rate counting

Fixed asset depreciation management

  • Fixed asset registration
  • Fixed assets book
  • Depreciation statement


  • Transfer Money History
  • Inquiry History