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Save voucher


Function Save voucher on accounting software AMnote Allows users to attach vouchers, invoice to store and review whenever needed without spending too much time.

Outstanding utility of Function Save voucher as follows:

  • Suitable for all types of vouchers and documents.
  • Support multi-language software interface: Vietnamese, English and Korean.
  • The uploading and archiving process is quick, easy, and convenient.
  • Save on printing costs, eliminate the risk of losing the contract.
  • Save storage time, time to search again for vouchers and documents when needed.
  • Search with just 1 click.
  • Easily download to your computer and print when needed.

Simple operation: With just a few steps, you can save documents after accounting on AMnote accounting software:

Step 1: At the column “Attached files” ð Click “Attach” AMnote will show a window for the user to attach files

Step 2: Click on the icon 1 to select the saved file on your computer => Click “Save

With just a few simple steps, your vouchers have been saved on AMnote software, you can review them anytime, anywhere, just need a network connection and can be downloaded to your computer when needed.

With those useful features, this function can help you save time and effort for easier accounting work.


NC9 Vietnam Co., Ltd would like to send to customers a quote for the function “Save vouchers directly” on AMNote accounting software, specifically as follows:



  • 50 USD / Month
  • Use unlimited storage



  • 30 USD / Month
  • Use up to 60 GB of space



  • 15 USD / Month
  • Use up to 30 GB of space



  • 10 USD / Month
  • Use up to 10 GB of space


  • 50% off monthly usage fee

For more detailed information, please contact:

  • Phone:082 999 7070 Ms Mai – Ms Tinh 08 5555 9000.
  • Or phone number: (028) 6650 4400 (Ms Mai) – (028) 6656 1100 (Ms Tinh).
  • If you want to meet Korean people, please contact: 07 8888 1000 (Mr John).

When you encounter any difficulties, problems or need advice, please do not hesitate, Please contact us directly if you have any questions.

Best regards!