• Koo Jin Young
  • 24/12/2019
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After the time together discuss the exchange. At 2:00 pm o’clock on 19/12/2019, Kiên Giang Vocational College and NC9 Vietnam CO., LTD. (AMnote) has been unified to sign a memorandum of cooperation for training in research and teaching. The signing ceremony marks an important milestone in the process of good cooperation between the school and businesses. Collaborative agreements provide lecturers and students with the opportunity to promote learning and practice and have many cooperative programs and practical exchanges.


Representative of the college

  • Mrs Ho Thu Hang – Vice President
  • Mr Trieu Van Cang – Head of corporate relations department
  • Representatives from departments

Representative of NC9

  • Mrs Lee HuynJoo –Vice President
  • Mrs Kang Su Jin – Manager
  • Mrs Huynh Thi Ngoc Mai – AMnote software Manager
  • Company employees attended

Nội dung chính của Hội nghị

* From NC9 Vietnam Co., Ltd:

A Korean company, specializing in providing AMnote accounting software. This software is simple, easy to use and suitable for all businesses. The software has been granted GS level 1 certification by Korea Information Technology and Communications Association. This is one of Korea’s highest security software certifications.

Organize training for teaching stafff. Arrange instructors, technical staff to support, certify students who have completed the course and introduce to business customers, trainees have completed training, for businesses to consider recruiting when needed. Besides, the future promises to cooperate in many fields.

* On the side of Kien Giang Vocational College will organize the introduction and introduction of AMnote accounting software for Students in accounting and a number of related disciplines. In addition, the school and NC9 company also co-organize specialized courses and reports to provide necessary knowledge and skills for students. At the same time, students of the school are also facilitated to practice, introduce jobs at companies and other partner businesses

The signing ceremony of memorandum of understanding between the school and NC9 Vietnam Co., Ltd took place successfully, promising the cooperation between the two units will be increasingly developed, contributing to solving the supply problem. demand for local manpower and maximum response to the change of the times.

During the upcoming, NC9 Viet Nam company limited will sign cooperation and support contracts about many fields for universities

Some pictures about meeting

Đại diện phía bên trường

Representative of the college

Đại diện phía doanh nghiệp NC9

Representative of NC9

Hai bên tiến hành ký kết liên kết

The two sides signed the association

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