• Koo Jin Young
  • 24/07/2020
  • 444

On 24.7, the 3rd Vietnam Association of Accountants Association (2020-2025) was held in Hanoi

At this meeting, AMACCOUNTING Co., Ltd was honored to receive the certificate of merit from the Chairman of the Central Executive Committee of the Vietnam Accounting and Auditing Association for its contributions to the construction and development of the Vietnamese Accounting and Auditing Association. Male 2019.


Along with a team of businesses across the country, AMACCOUNTING is facing great opportunities; But at the same time, it is facing many difficulties and challenges, especially in the complicated situation of the world and domestic economy.

However, we also have many opportunities for development in the coming years when the system of legal documents guiding the implementation is quite complete and the wave of enterprises tends to shift their investment into Vietnam, seizing opportunities. , the joint venture to small and medium enterprises so that we have a chance to successfully develop the field of our company


With the interest of the Vietnam Accounting and Auditing Association; timely support from the Association, agencies and departments, along with the efforts, solidarity and intellect of our company’s staff, we firmly believe that AMACCOUNTING will promote achievements. gained, overcame difficulties and challenges, made a worthy contribution to the development career of the Accounting and Auditing Association; contributing to building an increasingly rich, beautiful and civilized Vietnam.