The major report on accounting information system 2 accounting on AMnote accounting software (nc9 co.,)

  • Koo Jin Young
  • 06/04/2018
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On the afternoon 03 April 2018, at the Nguyen Kiem Center computer-room of the Open University HCMC, there was happened the major report on Accounting Information System 2 with the topic Accounting on AMNOTE Accounting Software.

This report was jointly organized by the Faculty of Accounting-Auditing, the Open University HCMC and NC9 Vietnam Company.


Attending this report, as for NC9 Company, was attended by Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong Thuong – Head of supporting and training department of AMNOTE Accounting Software, with software supporting experts – Mr. Nhon and Ms. Phuong. As for the Faculty of Accounting- Auditing at Open University HCMC, was attended by Mr. Vu Quoc Thong – responsible on Accounting Information System 2, honoured genre teachers – Mr. Minh Ngoc and Mr. Hoang Son and the whole Accounting- Auditing students in class KK51.

This major report with a view to creating an opportunity for students to apply the knowledge on Accounting Information System 2 for approaching the Accounting software of foreign origin of Korea NC9 Company. Besides, based on the understanding of the illustrate Accounting software MISA studied on Accounting Information System 2, students have the opportunity to compare two Accounting software AMNOTE and MISA according to some criteria.

The main contents were presented in the conference included: (1) general introduce AMNOTE Accounting Software, (2) data entry and manage vouchers/ journal/ bookkeeping, (3) export Financial Statement/ Invoices management/ VAT, (4) introduce Firm-banking from AMNOTE Accounting Software to Bank.

Throughout the report, students have the opportunity to practice directly on AMNOTE with the help of experts from NC9 Co., and genre teachers on Accounting Information System.

At the end of the report, students had discussed and asked several questions about processing accounting on AMNOTE Accounting Software. As NC9 Co. representative, Ms. Hong Thuong had exchanged and answered those questions while practicing on AMNOTE Accounting Software. Besides, Ms. Hong Thuong also suggests internship opportunities as well as working at NC9 Company and NC9’s customers company for accounting students at the Open University HCMC.

In addition to the new knowledge and skills learned during the report, students want to keep in touch and look forward to having a job opportunities from NC9 Co. and NC9’s customers.

The major report was achieved great success, and marked a new beginning for cooperation between NC9 Co. and the Open University HCMC .

Some photograph was recorded this major report:



The major report spectacle


Mr. Thong expressed to open the report

introduced some contents on the report

Mr. Thong introduced some contents on the report

introduced general information about NC9 Co

Ms. Thuong introduced general information about NC9 Co.

presented AMNOTE Accounting Software

Ms. Thuong presented AMNOTE Accounting Software


Ms. Thuong instructed students for sign in on AMNOTE Accounting Software

*** Experts from NC9 Co. and genre teachers on Accounting Information System instructed students for practice on AMNOTE Accounting Software

dalat-amnote dalat-amnote1 dalat-amnote2 dalat-amnote3

*** Students asked some questions…

Students asked some question Students asked some question2 Students asked some question3 Students asked some question4



        *** The souvernir photograph between the Faculty of Accounting- Auditing and NC9 Co. ***


News, photo: Accounting Information System – The Faculty of Accounting- Auditing, The Open University HCMC